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Limit 7 NFTs per wallet

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Please connect your ETH wallet. We recommend Metamask.


Miners of Mars is a gamified NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain which features masterful illustrations by artist Aleksa Gajic. While the lore and staking game continue to progress on Solana, the MoM community opens it's doors to ETH holders with the advent of digital PFP miners.


ETH utilities will be released in stages once the public mint is completed. A new adventure in Digital Collectibles!


Miners that move, talk, yawn, or admire their gemstones.

Lower Body

Imagine having legs? Let's make miners whole!

3D Miners

7000 miners prepared for the Marsverse. We are ready!

They did not ask for the role of the last people in the universe - they got it through a game of cosmic fate.

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